First Post…


Hello and Welcome to 3 Guys 1 Blog.

This is a blog created by three friends as an avenue to express our collective thoughts, opinions and ideas on everything from politics, to art and media. After spending countless hours on internet messaging services debating and arguing about various topics, we decided it would be fun to dedicate a site to the “riff raff” that is our conversations. Because of our diverse interests, we decided against pigeonholing the blog into one specific area and instead will post about a variety of topics. Maybe one day we will have a clear focus but until then posts will likely be broad in nature and content. Because we are just starting out there will likely be changes in the future to the appearance of the site, as well as the frequency of posts as we become more familiar with the platform.

Thus, I will wrap up the inaugural post for this blog. Hopefully you enjoy the content to come.

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