No one cares about your political agenda

This past weekend we saw two separate shootings in the state of Florida that resulted in the deaths of 51 people, and leaving more than 50 more injured. The knee jerk response many people have in these cases is to immediately politicize the situation to call for gun control or anti-immigration. And while yes, there is a time and place to talk about these things, the moment these tragedies happen is not it. We don’t need to hear liberals chanting to ban guns and we don’t need conservatives chanting to kick everyone that isn’t white out of the country. We need to join together to support those that were affected by these violent outbreaks.

The morning after the shooting at the Orlando night club we saw blood donation clinics at capacity with lines stretching around the block. That is the response we need from people. The keyboard warriors demanding guns to be taken away or for everyone to have a gun or to nuke the middle east or have a mass deportation aren’t contributing anything meaningful. The victims and their families would much rather see support and community than having people at the throats of one another.

Long story short, we need to be supportive in times of tragedy. We need to band together to support those hurt, not turn on one another. Leave the politics to the politicians, and show some humanity. There is plenty of time to talk about policies after the dust settles. But for now, let’s just be supportive of one another instead of arguing and using these events to further our political agendas.

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