Movie Review: Suicide Squad


I went into this movie with low expectations and oh boy was I let down. I left the theater feeling wildly disappointed and a bit angry because of how obviously half-assed this movie was. You could tell that they were trying to make it like Deadpool with the crude humor and like Guardians of the Galaxy with the soundtrack, but they didn’t execute it at all. Was the music good? Sure. Who doesn’t like a bit of Queen? But did it fit the movie? Not at all. Suicide Squad didn’t seem to know what it wanted to be. Was it supposed to be dark? Was it supposed to be funny? I’m not sure. Were there parts that were dark? Yes. Were there parts that were funny? No, but they tried. The issue was that it wasn’t consistent. Had they just gone full dark (which is what everyone wanted), this movie could have been excellent. Had they committed to making it funny like Deadpool, it could have been excellent. Having a centuries old Sorceress tell someone they don’t have the balls to do something isn’t edgy, it’s lame. If the writer and director doesn’t know what he wants the movie to be, how is it supposed to work?

If you read my Batman v. Superman review, you know I’m not the biggest fan of Zack Snyder. Suicide Squad probably would have been better had he been in the director’s chair. I find he has a tough time telling a story, but his visuals are exceptional. This movie lacked the great set pieces and great visuals we saw in Batman v. Superman and had roughly the same story. If I’m going to sit through a superhero movie that doesn’t have a lot of substance, I at least want it to be pretty. This movie had it’s moments, but having a visual master like Snyder directing would have made it much better.

The casting was an obvious attempt to draw people in. Having names like Will Smith on your poster piques people’s interest. Unfortunately, he didn’t really add anything to the movie. I would have much rather had DC cast a bunch of unnamed actors for these B and C list characters. Jared Leto was also underwhelming as the Joker. He basically just tried to up the creepy on Heath Ledger’s Joker, but didn’t really do it well. Was he bad? No. But he was kind of lame, similar to our current Lex Luthor situation.

Long story short… Go see it, you’ll probably have fun for a couple hours, you get to see some cool trailers, and who doesn’t like popcorn? Just don’t expect to be blown away. DC has managed to disappoint us again, and I don’t see an end in sight as long as we have the current people in charge. Let’s hope Ben Affleck brings his A game with the Batman standalone.

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